During the Monster Wars, uncertainty about allies and rampant attacks from the greenskin hordes forces two cultures that had long been at odds to join forces. The merchants and artisans of Sura were experts in their trades, and had little respect for the neighboring tribes of nomads. Likewise, the wandering Menejadi herdsmen had no love for the soft Sura, who sat on their fertile lands. These people now take pride in unified identity as subjects of Surejad while drawing strength from the diverse and differing backgrounds of their respective cultures..
Despite their unification, the differing ethnic groups of Surejad still maintain distinction from one another, and individuals may harbor old grudges against scheming Surese or boastful Menejadi. There are a large number of Menejadi who still prefer the nomadic lifestyle and have yet to fully integrate themselves.

Surejad has kind of a Spanish Catalonia/Basque/Near East (Mongolian/Persian/etc) feel to it. It used to be two different countries/peoples, Sura and Menjad, which were joined by a mutually advantageous political marriage a during the Monster Wars.

The cultures are still pretty distinct from each other. The Sura are coastal/river people, fisherman, traders, craftsmen. The Menejadi live primarily inland, on the hills and stepps and are nomadic, shepherds mostly.

Something about the Free Lancers. The Free Lancers are a military tradition of the Menejadi. Similar to a questing knight, they’re warriors sponsored by a chief or clan who travel the steppe, fighting orcs and goblins and generally being good guys. There’s a hospitality tradition surrounding them. Having a quality Free Lancer associated with your clan is good publicity, and increases the esteem in which other families hold yours.


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